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VersaLights™ 3-in-1 Sync’d RGB LED Universal Cabinet Lighting Mod Kit


Features Include:

2-Way Hot Rail Sync, WiFi w/mobile app control and dedicated MCU


The brand new VersaLights Sync’d RGB LED Universal Cabinet Lighting Mod Kit by PinballModz has 216 RGB LEDs and 150+ patterns using 72 LEDs for the back and 144 LEDs for the bottom. This kit will work on any pinball machine. It has 3 different modes of operation. It even works with JJP and interactively syncs to the Hot Rails! It also has WiFi with mobile app control just like our IllumiGlass Mod with almost 150 patterns. Lastly, it has its own MCU on board that can mimic the 50+ patterns from our JJP Marquee Topper RGB LED Mod! VersaLights let’s you independently select which zone you want to control and what signals control it. VersaLights can also store your favorite RGB patterns in non-volatile memory. When connecting to JJP machines, you can sync the VersaLights cabinet lighting to the Hot Rails or even do the reverse by controlling the Hot Rails from the controller's Cross-Point Switching Matrix including live audio sync, WiFi and MCU control!


Made in USA

Proudly designed & engineered in Columbus, Ohio

216-RGB LEDs

High brightness - Long life

Works On Any Machine

Installs in about 60 minutes

Rigid Construction

Years of trouble free use

WiFi w/Hot Rail Sync

Select over 100 favorites or run them all!

Custom Designed

Hardware and firmware built from the ground up