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Why PinballModz?


We are a boutique pinball mod shop which creates small batch custom and unique mods for pinball machines, specializing in LED, LCD and unique topper builds & mods plus some miscellaneous items. All of our products are hand made and built one at a time at our boutique shop in Columbus, OH. Normally, products can take up to 3-4 weeks to ship from date of order depending on backlog and parts availability. If it's a pre-order and there are part shortages, it can take up to 8-10 weeks to ship. We generally produce in small batches to keep a high quality standard and work enjoyable. Please contact us through FB Messenger or the contact form if you have questions about support, timelines or product availability. Most of the time we reply within a few minutes. When possible we try and update individual product pages with any known delays. Unfortunately, part shortages in the market are making things difficult these days.

How we started...


PinballModz was born when founder Kyle Virginn saw the need to create custom pinball mods and accessories above and beyond the current standard. Playing pinball for over 45 years, He absolutely loves it! Kyle also holds over 10 US Patents and one pending for products currently being used in the marketplace today. Kyle has designed and engineered several Automotive, Avionics, Industrial, Consumer and Military grade embedded electronics systems from white board concept drawings, eCAD/mCAD through prototype, firmware, first article, release candidtate w/FCC, MIL-STD and UL certifications to full blown mass production over several years. PadTab Tablet Mounting System has been one of his successful ventures for over 11 years. He started developing custom pinball mods as a side hobby in early 2018 for personal and friends machines. As the demand grew, It was realized there is a need for these custom products to make each machine tailored and different but still have a factory made look and feel exceeding factory specs. The business has grown to the point that now appeals to the masses. So, here we are ;-) Enjoy!


“Kyle is a true professional. He responded with answers to my questions almost immediately. - Kevin M”


"This topper mod was exactly what I needed. Totally knocked it out of the park! - Carl K"


"Packaging was top notch! Great product!  - Dave G" 

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