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This unique 60 RGB LED wall clock by PinballModz is a pretty interesting piece for your game room! Its digitally controlled but looks like an analog clock. Depending on how far you space it away from the wall when mounting, you can actually have it project each LED onto the wall in a trapezoid pattern. You never have to set it! Once connected on your WIFI network, it automatically sets the time from its internet connection. It also has a built in ambient light sensor and automatically adjusts its brightness. It runs a cool rotation animation pattern once per minute and one rotation for every hour of the day. It’s very accurate with no drift at all! The photo shows Red=Hours, Green=Minutes, Blue=Seconds. 5 Minute hash marks=Magenta, 12, 3, 6, 9 hash marks=Teal. Credentials, H:M:S colors, brightness, hash marks, daylight savings time and time zone are all configured by the mobile app!


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